4. Send in documents to support your appeal

Once you send your Notice of Appeal to the General Division of the , you usually have up to one year from the date they receive the notice to send the documents that support your appeal. This deadline will be included in the letter they send you confirming your appeal.

If you or the send documents to the Tribunal in the last 30 days of the one-year period, the Tribunal gives both of you an extra 30 days to send in more documents in response to the other party.

The Tribunal sends you a letter when it gets your Notice of Appeal. The deadline for you and the CPP to send documents to the Tribunal is on that letter.

What documents you should send

Supporting documents include things like:

  • reports from doctors or specialists
  • other evaluations, for example, a functional abilities evaluation of your ability to do various tasks, done by either a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or doctor
  • information from Ontario’s Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or workers’ compensation boards from other provinces
  • proof that you tried to work or tried to find work

Send all of the documents you have that will support your appeal. Make sure to send copies to the Tribunal and keep the originals. All documents that you send to the Tribunal must be in English or French, or be translated into English or French.

What happens to the documents that you send

The Tribunal sends the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) a copy of any documents that you send to the Tribunal. And they also send you any documents that the CPP sends in.

If you send documents in late

If you send documents after the one-year period, the Tribunal might not look at them when deciding about your appeal. If your documents are late, you need to ask the Tribunal to accept them and explain why they are late.

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