What type of benefits can I get from the WSIB?

Workers’ compensation benefits are payments for injuries or diseases that are related to the work you were doing. Workers’ compensation is paid by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). The WSIB may also help you return to work with your employer or with another employer.

Even if you continued to work at your regular job and didn’t lose any , it’s important to make a claim because:

  • you might get benefits to pay for your medical expenses
  • your injury could get worse

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) can take 12 weeks or more to decide your claim. They must send you their decision in writing. The decision will tell you what worker’s benefits, if any, you have been for.

3 main types of benefits

The WSIB has 3 main types of benefits to help you while you’re injured. These are:

  1. Loss of Earnings (LOE) – benefits that pay for wages you didn’t get because of your injury
  2. Health Care Benefits – benefits that pay for healthcare costs, like physiotherapy, medication, etc., to help you recover from your injury
  3. Non-Economic Loss (NEL) – if your injury is serious and permanent, the WSIB may pay you for the impact of your injury. This type of benefit is sometimes called a “permanent impairment benefit”.

Other benefits

WSIB may also pay other costs that you have because of your injury, such as:

  • expenses that help you return to work, such as training or education, when you cannot return to your old job
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