1. Getting your decision and asking for a “Reconsideration”

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) can take 12 weeks or more to decide your claim. They must send you their decision in writing.

If they call to tell you their decision over the phone, ask them to send it to you in a letter. The decision will let you know what benefits, if any, the WSIB has decided you will get.

Make sure you understand what the letter says. If you don’t understand the letter, ask someone to help you read it or call the WSIB and ask for the person who signed the letter to explain the decision. This person is called a case manager.

If you don’t agree with any decision, you should ask the case manager to explain how or why they made the decision.

If you still don’t agree with the decision, you can call or write to the WSIB to ask for a  of the decision. Do this as soon as possible. You can explain why you disagree and point out anything important that you think the case manager missed or misunderstood. You can also give the case manager new documents and information that they did not have before

It usually takes about 14 days to get an answer about your reconsideration request.

If the case manager does not change the decision, you can ask to have someone else at the WSIB review it. This is called an .

To start an appeal you have to submit a form called the Intent to Object Form.

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