4. Think about using Customer Service Resolution or mediation

The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIRPD) will decide whether your complaint should be:

  • resolved using
  • resolved using mediation
  • investigated more
  • dismissed

The OIPRD is legally allowed to dismiss complaints that are:

  • better dealt with under another act or law
  • not important or unbelievable
  • not in the public interest
  • made more than 6 months after the incident

Customer Service Resolution

Customer Service Resolution is a good option for less serious complaints. The process usually takes less than 45 days. During that time, you and the officers or police service involved work together to:

  • understand what happened
  • share concerns
  • actively resolve the issues

Here are a few examples of issues that might be resolved through Customer Service Resolution:

  • the police were not polite
  • the police used force or threats
  • the police did things they aren’t allowed to do
  • the police treated you unfairly
  • the police damaged your property

You, the police officers, and the police service involved must all agree that you want to use the Customer Service Resolution process to resolve the complaint. If you don’t agree, the complaint will be reviewed by the OIPRD. They will decide whether to dismiss the complaint or investigate it more.

If everyone agrees to use the Customer Service Resolution process, a facilitator will schedule meetings or phone calls. A facilitator is a neutral person who does not take sides. They work with you, the police officers, and the police services to come up with a agreement everyone is happy with. The resolution agreement will then be given to the OIPRD. If the OIPRD approves the agreement, the complaint will be closed.

For more information on the Customer Service Resolution process, read the OIPRD website.


If the Customer Service Resolution process is not successful, mediation may be available. The OIPRD will decide whether mediation is available and arrange for it to happen.

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