How do I make a complaint about the police?

If you’re concerned about how you were treated by the police, you can make a complaint. For example, you can make a complaint if:

  • you were offended by something a police officer said or did to you
  • you weren’t satisfied with the service the police gave you
  • you’re concerned about how a relative or friend was treated by the police
  • your property was damaged by the police

Minor complaints

If you have a minor complaint, think about going to the police station to talk to them. You can work directly with the police to deal with your complaint. This is called Local Resolution.

To find out if your complaint is suitable for Local Resolution, read the Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) booklet.

Matters that are resolved through Local Resolution aren’t considered official complaints.

More serious complaints

If your complaint is more serious, you can file an official complaint with the OIPRD. You must file the complaint within 6 months of the incident. If you file the complaint later than 6 months, it may not be accepted.

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