2. Fill out your court forms to start the motion

You can get family law court forms from the courthouse or online. They are available in French and English.

You need to fill out:

Give your forms to the court

Once you have filled out your forms, you must have your by the court. This means the  signs, dates, applies the court seal to your , and gives you a court  number.

Rule 1.1 Electronic filing and issuance of documents tells you how to issue your documents.

You can now submit most family law forms and supporting documents online, including a motion to change. For more information, read the question How do I file court forms for my family law case online? 

If you can’t use the online service or if you don’t want to file your forms or documents online, you can file them in person at the same level of court that made your . So, if the Superior Court of Justice made the order, you must go back to a Superior Court of Justice in the jurisdiction that your child currently lives to change it.

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