3. File your EI reports

Every 2 weeks you need to file a report to get your EI benefits.

Shortly after you apply for EI, you will receive a letter with a 4-digit code you can use to file your report online.

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can call 1-800-531-7555 to file your reports over the phone. You can also fill out a paper report and mail it into Service Canada

In these reports you must say if you:

  • worked and, if so, how much you earned
  • received any other money
  • were sick or injured
  • were available for work each weekday

For example, you need to set out any work or training you did and any other reasons that you might be unavailable for work. You must report any work you do and any money that you earn. Report any work you do in the week you worked, even if you have not yet been paid.

You can be fined for knowingly giving false information to Service Canada staff or knowingly hiding information, so make sure your reports are complete and accurate.

You will not get any benefits unless you file these reports.

Special benefits

When you apply for special benefits, you can choose to not send in reports every two weeks. If you choose not to send reports, you must agree to tell Service Canada staff if you:

  • do any work,
  • earn any money, or
  • have any reason why you should not keep getting benefits.
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