4. Stay in Canada

If you are receiving regular or medical EI benefits, you must stay in Canada.

But there are exceptions. For example, you can travel outside of Canada for medical treatment that is not easy to get in your area.

You can also leave Canada for up to 7 days to:

  • travel to a job interview
  • attend a family member’s funeral
  • visit a seriously ill family member
  • take an immediate family member for treatment that is not readily available in your area

You are allowed up to 14 days outside of Canada to do a job search.

Even if you are travelling within Canada, you might not be eligible for EI benefits if the travel makes you unavailable to work. For example, if you take a vacation and are not actively looking for work, you might not be able to get EI even if you stay within Canada.

Special benefits

Maternity benefits, parental benefits, compassionate care benefits, and the family caregiver benefit for children can be claimed while you are outside of Canada.

Remember that you must still meet the other criteria for the particular benefit you are claiming.

For example, to get compassionate care benefits, you must be providing care or support to someone who is seriously ill. If you leave Canada on a 3-week vacation and are not actually providing care to the person, you should not claim benefits.

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