3. Understand what happens if you breach probation

With a , you can be on for up to 3 years. Your probation requires you to follow specific conditions.

Conditions of probation may say that you:

  • have to stay in the province
  • have to notify the probation officer of any changes in your job, or address
  • not be allowed to communicate with specific people
  • not be allowed to go to specific places
  • have to report to the police at specific times
  • not be allowed to have weapons
  • not be allowed to have drugs except with a valid prescription in your name

If you don’t follow the conditions of your probation, you can be charged with the criminal of with probation order.

If you’re of a new crime during your probation, including the criminal offence of failing to comply with probation, your discharge can be revoked. Instead of the discharge you had before, you can be given a conviction that results in a criminal record, and a new . Any sentence that could have been give to you when you were can be given at this time.  

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