Can I serve my sentence on weekends?

If you get a that requires jail time for 90 days or less, you may be able to serve it on the weekends. This is called an . It’s up to the judge to decide if you should have one based on your case.

With an intermittent , you must turn yourself in to the jail every Friday evening, usually at 6:00 pm, until your sentence is completed. At 6:00 am on the following Monday, you will be released into the community. Each weekend counts as 4 days towards your sentence.

While you’re in the community during the week, you will be on and must follow specific conditions.

What happens at your sentencing hearing

When you’re sentenced, you will be given a probation order and disposition papers. You will be taken into right away and taken to the jail where you will serve your sentence. After the jail processes you, you will be released. But you must return to the jail to surrender on the date and time that your disposition papers tell you to.

What happens if you don’t show up

If you don’t go to the jail to turn yourself in on a Friday evening as required, a will be issued for your . You will be declared “unlawfully at large”, which means you have escaped lawful custody. You will be charged with the criminal of being unlawfully at large.

What happens if you commit another crime

If you commit another crime and are found guilty while serving an intermittent sentence, the intermittent sentence will end.

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