2. Give your evidence

It can take some time to get all of the documents you need to prove your Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA).

After you submit your application form, you usually have another 15 days to send and written submissions to support your application. IRCC expects you to provide all evidence at least 5 days before your hearing. It may be possible to submit evidence at your hearing, or even after. But, it’s best to send in your evidence as soon as possible.

You can provide written documents of any kind that help to explain why you’re afraid, including:

  • your own affidavit
  • human rights reports, magazine or newspaper articles
  • legal documents
  • police documents
  • medical documents
  • personal letters or affidavits from friends or others who can help explain your fear

If your documents are not in English or French, you must include a translation and a translator’s declaration.

It’s very important that all of your supporting documents are consistent with your PRRA form and information in your immigration file, including information you provided at your eligibility interview. If there are any differences, you should explain them in detail. If any information is missing, not true, or different, or if you don’t give enough details, your PRRA might not be accepted.

Your affidavit

Your affidavit is your chance to explain in detail what you fear will happen to you if you return to your country. You must promise or swear that the information in your affidavit is true in front of a notary or a commissioner of oaths.

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