1. Get legal help

The refugee appeal process is very complicated. There are many steps, rules, and timelines that you must follow. It’s very important to try to get legal help to appeal the Refugee Board’s decision.

The question “Where can I get legal advice and help with my refugee claim?” has information about how you can get legal advice and find a legal representative.

When you meet with a legal representative about your appeal, you should bring copies of:

  • your Basis of Claim form (BOC)
  • all the you submitted to the Refugee Board
  • all documents that the Refugee Board or Minister sent to you, if any
  • the Notice of the Decision
  • the written Reasons for Decision
  • the CD audio recording of your refugee hearing that was included with your decision from the Refugee Board

After reviewing your documents, a lawyer can explain whether you’re eligible to apply for an appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) and the strength of your case. They can also explain other options you may have, such as:

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