3. Talk to OW or ODSP about the Transition Child Benefit

You don’t have to apply separately for the Transition Child Benefit (TCB).

If you’re eligible for it, you’ll get the TCB payment added to what you get from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or Ontario Works (OW).

Make sure to tell your OW or ODSP worker if you have a child or if something in your life changes that might affect whether or not you can get the TCB. They’ll use the information to figure out what TCB payments you should get.

You have to show your OW or ODSP worker that you’re applying or have tried to apply for the Canada child benefit (CCB), even if you think you are not eligible.

To prove this, you might have to explain where you are in the application process or show them a copy of your CCB application form.

Talk to your worker if they don’t tell you about the TCB and you think you might be able to get it.

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