3. Apply to continue getting interim assistance

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has released their latest take on mandatory vaccines, passports and testing, here: http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/news_centre/ohrc-policy-statement-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-and-proof-vaccine-certificates. In light of this update, and the new directives that the Province released a few weeks ago, we are in the process of updating our covid testing content. Please re-visit the site to access the updated content when it is available.

The (SBT) orders for a period of time. If your interim assistance is about to end and you don’t have your appeal decision yet, you can ask the SBT if you can continue to get it.

How to apply

Write a letter to the SBT asking if you can continue getting interim assistance. Fax or mail the letter to the SBT.

You have to do this at least 14 days before your interim assistance ends.

If you can’t mail or fax a letter by the deadline, you can call the SBT.

In your letter or phone call, explain why you still need interim assistance. If nothing has changed since you first applied, your reasons will be the same.

If the SBT extends your interim assistance, they send their order to the OW office and to you.

If your interim assistance has ended

If your interim assistance has already ended, you have to apply again. Follow the process in Step 1.

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