2. Ask for a hearing in person, if you need to

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The Notice of Hearing from the (SBT) says where your hearing will be. And it usually says that the hearing will be in person, which means you go to the hearing, or by telephone or video conference.

Hearings by telephone or video conference

Some hearings are done by telephone or video conference. These are sometimes called electronic hearings.

If the Notice is for a hearing by telephone or video conference, you have the right to ask the SBT for a hearing in person. You have to do this within 15 days of getting the Notice.

You have to explain why you want a hearing in person. If you think that you would not get a fair hearing unless it’s in person, you must explain why.

Written or paper hearings

You might get a Notice for a written or paper hearing. This means that you don’t go to a hearing. The SBT decides by looking at the paperwork.

But the SBT will not do a written hearing unless you agree.

Getting help

You may want to contact a community legal clinic for help:

  • before agreeing to a telephone, video conference, or written hearing
  • if you want to ask the SBT to give you a hearing that’s in person
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