1. Collect letters of support

Letters from people who know you might help support your .

Who could write a letter of support

Here are some examples of who might be able to write letters that could help you.

Family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents can say:

  • how they’re related to you
  • why you should be allowed to stay
  • how the family would be affected if you’re forced to leave Canada

Employers you’ve worked for can include your job title, the type of work you did, when you worked for them, how much you were paid, and any positive comments they have about you.

An employer who wants to hire you when you have a work permit, can say what job they’ll hire you to do and how much they’ll pay you.

Teachers can talk about you, if you went to school, or about your child. They can give details about when you or your child went to school, how well you or your child did, and any ways you or your child were involved in the school community.

If you experienced family violence, shelter workers can talk about how you tried to get help.

Health professionals, therapists, or counsellors may be able to say that you had concerns about how you would deal with the hardship or difficulties you’d face if you were forced to leave Canada.

Religious leaders or community members can talk about how you’re involved in a faith community, including any volunteer work you do.

Friends and neighbours can say that you’re a valued member of the community and how you’ve contributed.

What to include in a letter of support

Letters from people who know you should include:

  • the date
  • the name of the writer
  • how they know you and how long they’ve known you
  • their contact information, including phone number and address
  • a photocopy of a document that proves their status as a or citizen of Canada

Community organizations, places where you got services, and professionals, such as a therapist, should write their letters on letterhead. They don’t need to include proof of their status in Canada.

The person who wrote the letter should be the one to sign it.

Letters are more helpful when they include details.

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