Make support payments through the FRO

If a parent is paying through the (FRO), they make their support payments directly to the FRO, not to the other parent. Once the FRO receives the money, they send it to the parent receiving support within 24 to 48 hours.

Make sure all payments go through the FRO. If the parents gives a support payment directly to the parent receiving support, it will not show up on the account at the FRO.

The FRO charges the payor parent $100 every time they have to adjust the account so that it shows the right amount of support that has been paid. But, if the parent receiving support says they did not get the payment, the FRO will not credit the account.

Paying support through the FRO

If the payor parent is employed and on a regular payroll, the FRO can take payments directly from their income. This is called garnishing wages. But these automatic deductions take time to set up. And, until they are set up, the payor parent must send their child support payments directly to the FRO.

If the payor parent is self-employed, unemployed, or not on a regular payroll, they must pay the FRO directly by:

  • Making pre-authorized payments from their bank account. They need to fill out the Preauthorized Debit Application.
  • Paying online by adding the FRO as a payee. The account number is the FRO case number. A FRO case number always starts with 0 or 1 and is 7 digits long.
  • Writing a cheque or money order payable to: The Director, Family Responsibility Office.

Payor parents should always include the 7-digit FRO case number and their full name on the payments and in all letters to the FRO.

And payor parents should keep a record of child support payments. The FRO does not issue year-end statements.

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