Look for legal fees you can deduct from taxes

You receive child support

If you hired a lawyer to help you get , or to get an increase in the amount of child support, some or all of your legal fees may be tax deductible.

Here are some examples of things that a lawyer charges you for that you might be able to claim as a tax deduction:

  • getting a child support order
  • collecting late child support payments
  • figuring out the amount of child support owing
  • enforcing a child support order
  • getting an increase in the amount of child support

You have to show how much of your lawyer’s bill was for work on your child support claim. Ask your lawyer for a letter to the Canada Revenue Agency that clearly shows how much you spent on child support, as well as , if any.

You cannot claim a tax deduction for legal fees for work on:

  • separation or
  • , which used to be called
  • , which used to be called

If you’re claiming a deduction for legal fees, you may need help from a tax professional.

You pay child support

The legal fees you spend defending a claim for child support are not tax deductible.

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