3. Notify creditors

Within 5 days of your filing, your trustee will tell your creditors that you are now bankrupt. The trustee will also file income tax returns for the year you file for and any other unfiled returns due within one year of your bankruptcy.

If the in your bankruptcy are worth more than $15,000, you will have to attend a meeting of creditors. Even if your assets are worth less than $15,000, you might have to go to a meeting of creditors if your creditors ask for one.

At the meeting of creditors, your creditors can ask you questions about your financial information. Your trustee can help you prepare for the meeting.

Your trustee will let you know if a meeting is needed.

Credit score

When you file for bankruptcy, you will be given a of R9. R9 is the lowest possible score. Many creditors will not lend to someone with a low credit score. Many landlords will not rent to someone with a low credit score.

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