1. Understand what you are allowed to do

You must follow the laws about cannabis.

What you’re allowed to do

In Ontario adults age 19 and older can:

  • buy dried cannabis, fresh cannabis, and cannabis oil from the online Ontario Cannabis Store
  • have 30 grams or less of dried cannabis or its equivalent in public
  • share up to 30 grams of cannabis with other adults age 19 and older
  • grow up to 4 cannabis plants per household (not per person)
  • make cannabis food and drinks at home, as long as they don’t use butane and similar flammable, dangerous fuels to create drug products like butane hash oil
  • transport within Ontario 30 grams or less of dried cannabis or its equivalent if it’s packaged in baggage that is fastened closed, meets any further lawful requirements, and is not readily available to the driver or person controlling the vehicle or boat

What you’re not allowed to do

You cannot:

  • have more than 30 grams of dried recreational cannabis or its equivalent in public
  • have any cannabis you know was not purchased legally through the Ontario Cannabis Store or grown legally for personal use
  • have any budding or flowering cannabis plants in a public place
  • use cannabis at work
  • use cannabis in certain public places
  • use cannabis while driving, or controlling a vehicle or boat
  • use cannabis while a passenger in a vehicle or boat, whether moving or not
  • use cannabis in any place the laws say you can’t
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