How do we get married outside of Ontario?

If you are getting within Canada, each province and territory has its own rules about who can get married and what you have to do to get married. These rules are similar to the rules in Ontario, but not exactly the same.

If you are getting married outside of Canada, you have to meet the rules of the country where you plan to marry. Those rules might be very different from the rules in Ontario. For example, you or your partner might have to be a citizen of that country, or have lived there for a certain amount of time.

Ontario usually recognizes a marriage that took place outside of Ontario as long as you followed the rules of the place where you got married. “Recognized” means that you have the same legal rights and responsibilities as a person married in Ontario. And you do not have to register your marriage in Ontario.

If your marriage ends, you can apply for a divorce in Ontario even if you weren’t married in Ontario.

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