There’s a mistake in my credit report. What can I do?

If you think there is a mistake in your , you should ask the to fix it. The two main agencies in Canada are TransUnion and Equifax.

You should send the consumer reporting agency a letter that asks them to correct, remove, or explain any wrong information. You should be specific about what is incorrect or incomplete in the report, and tell them what the correct information is. The letter should also ask that the agency fix the report, and that a copy of the letter be kept in your file.

The agency must put that letter in your file. When someone asks to see your credit report, they will be able to see a statement from you saying the information is disputed.

The law says the consumer reporting agency must answer your letter and tell you what they are doing about it. If the agency doesn’t fix the information, you can file a complaint with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services.

You can also dispute a debt, saying that you do not owe it, or do not owe the amount that is stated. A disputed debt is where the borrower and the lender do not agree about how much money is still owed, if any.

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