If your landlord gives you a notice, check if it’s filled out correctly

If your landlord wants you to move out because of unpaid rent, they must give you a Notice to End your Tenancy Early for Non-payment of Rent (Form N4) . Check it carefully to see if it is filled out completely. The could refuse to you if the does not follow all these rules:

Uses the proper form

The notice should be on the Landlord and Tenant Board’s Form N4. But if it is not, the notice might still be valid if it has all the same information as the Form N4 does.

Gives details about what you owe

The notice must tell you how much the landlord says you owe. It must also give details to show how the landlord calculated the amount.

Tells you how to cancel the notice

The notice must tell you that you can cancel it by paying all the rent that you owe by a certain date. That date must be at least 14 days after you get the notice or 7 days if you rent by the day or week.

Is signed

The notice must be signed by your landlord or their representative. It must have the complete address of your rental unit and the names of all the tenants. Usually this means anyone who is responsible for paying rent or who is listed as a tenant in your rental agreement.

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