I made a Small Claims Court claim against my employer. What do I do next?

It’s helpful to first read How do I sue my former employer in Small Claims Court?  It talks about who can sue and how to start the process.

There are a lot of rules you have to follow when you sue someone in Small Claims Court. The court has guides that explain many of these rules. The rules are for all types of claims, not just claims against an employer.

The guides are for both plaintiffs and defendants.

You’re the . A plaintiff is the person who is suing. The employer you’re suing is the . A defendant is the person who is being sued.

You must follow the rules. The court might not deal with your claim if you:

  • miss a time limit
  • don’t do other things that the rules say you have to do

Many people go to Small Claims Court on their own. But it is much easier if you have legal help.

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