How and when must I report a workplace injury or accident?

Workers’ compensation benefits are payments for injuries or diseases that are related to the work you were doing.

To make a claim for benefits, you need to report the injury or accident to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).

Report within 6 months

You must report your injury or accident to the WSIB as soon as possible and no later than 6 months after it happens. To do this, you must fill out a Worker’s Report of Injury/Disease (Form 6) and send it to the WSIB. You should do this even if your employer or doctor has already reported your injury or accident to the WSIB.

If you didn’t know right away that you were injured or sick, you must file a claim with the WSIB within 6 months from the day you find out that your injury or disease is related to work.

To file a form or document means giving it to the WSIB and following the rules about how to do this. For more information, see the Step called Fill out a Form 6.

After 6 months

If 6 months have passed, file your claim with the WSIB and explain why you didn’t file it earlier.

The WSIB has the power to let people file their claims late. See the Step #3 called Find out what to do if you miss the 6-month deadline.

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