4. Tell everyone who needs to know

It’s a good idea to tell your friends and family that you’ve cancelled your earlier . This way, they know who is looking after your personal care if something happens to you.

If you can, get the original and all copies of the earlier Power of Attorney and destroy them.

If your cancelled Power of Attorney is being used

If your old attorney has already started acting for you, you must tell them in writing that you’ve cancelled or revoked the Power of Attorney.

Give a copy of the Notice of Revocation or new Power of Attorney for Personal Care to anyone who knows about or has a copy of the old one. This might include:

  • your attorney for property, if you have one
  • family members who are involved in your care
  • health-care providers who think the former attorney can make decisions for you

If your cancelled power of attorney has never been used

Let the old attorney know that someone else will be making your personal care decisions if you become incapable.

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