3. Sign the revocation or new Power of Attorney

You must sign:

  • the Notice of Revocation, which is a document that says you cancel your Power of Attorney, or  
  • your new .

You must sign in front of 2 witnesses. The witnesses must also sign the document. And all 3 of you have to be together for the whole process.

Because of COVID-19, it can be difficult to have your witnesses in the same place as you when you sign your Power of Attorney. In response, the Law Society of Ontario (LSO) has said that when it’s not possible to witness a document in person, it can be done by video conference.

The LSO has a Remote Commissioning Checklist that explains how to do this.

Who can be a witness

The witnesses can be anyone except:

  • your , partner, child, or someone you treat as your child, such as a stepchild you have not adopted but who you support
  • your attorney or your attorney’s spouse or partner
  • someone under the age of 18
  • someone who has a because they’re not of managing their property
  • someone who has a because they’re not mentally capable of making decisions about their personal care
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