2. Put in writing that you want to cancel your Power of Attorney

Here are 3 ways to cancel or a :

  1. Use CLEO’s Power of Attorney Guided Pathway. This is a free online interview that helps you to revoke a Power of Attorney.
  2. Make a written statement, which is called a “revocation” or a Notice of Revocation. There’s is no special form that you have to use. All you need to do is write “I revoke my Power of Attorney for Property, dated [month, day, year] and effective immediately.”
  3. Use a lawyer. This will cost more but the lawyer will make sure that what you do follows the law.

You can also cancel or revoke a Power of Attorney by making a new Power of Attorney for Property. If you make a new one, all of your other Powers of Attorney for Property are cancelled, unless the new one says that you want to have more than one.

If you don’t want the previous ones to be cancelled, talk to a lawyer about what you need to say in the new document.

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