5. Make your closing statement

Your closing statement happens after all witnesses testify. At this part of the hearing you try to convince the Tribunal member that the witnesses and evidence prove your case.

You can try to show why the Respondent’s witnesses should not be trusted. To do this you can talk about how the Respondent’s witnesses changed their stories, or about the things they couldn’t remember. You can talk about things revealed during the hearing that suggest the witnesses are biased or lying. 

If you think the member has doubts about what your witnesses said, you can explain why your witnesses should be trusted.

You should also show how your evidence proves the losses you suffered, especially anything you want money for.

The Tribunal member will often ask questions during your closing. They may interrupt you to ask questions.

When you are finished your closing statement, the Respondent has a chance to make their closing statement.

Case research

During your closing statements, you and the Respondent can both give examples of previous cases that are similar to yours. Generally, similar cases should be decided similarly. So if you can show the Tribunal member previous cases that are similar to yours, then the Tribunal member is more likely to decide your case similarly.

You have to give the Respondent and the Tribunal member copies of any previous cases you want to use.

Get the member’s decision

In most cases, the Tribunal member doesn’t make a decision on the same day as the hearing. Usually the member needs more time to review all of the evidence and think about their decision. This is sometimes called “reserving” their decision. It can take weeks or even a few months before the Tribunal member makes a decision.

Appealing the decision

If you don’t agree with the decision, you can ask for a reconsideration. You must do this within 30 days of the decision date. If you don’t agree with the outcome of the reconsideration, you can ask a court to do a judicial review of the decision. You must do this within 30 days of the reconsideration decision.

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