2. Get legal help

You can represent yourself at a at the of Ontario (HRTO). Any one of the following can also represent you:

  • a lawyer
  • a law student from a student legal clinic
  • a representative
  • an unpaid family member or friend

Here are some organizations that work in the area of human rights or that can help you find a lawyer.

Human Rights Legal Support Centre (HRLSC)

The HRLSC provides free legal advice and support to people thinking about making an application to the HRTO. They can support you in different ways, from giving advice over the phone to sending someone to represent you at mediation. The level of support you get depends on your case and your personal circumstances.

Visit the HRLSC website to see how they can help, or call 1-866-625-5179.

Community legal clinics

If your income is low enough, legal clinics in Ontario provide free legal services for human rights cases in certain areas such as housing and employment. Some legal clinics may offer legal advice on .

The Industrial Accident Victims Group of Ontario and the Injured Workers Community Legal Clinic help injured workers. The Workers’ Health & Safety Legal Clinic helps non-unionized people who have health and safety problems at work.

To find the legal clinic in your area, enter your postal code on the Legal Aid Ontario website.

Lawyer Referral Service

Many lawyers work on discrimination cases. For help finding lawyer, you can use the Law Society’s online Lawyer Referral Service or call 1-855-947-5255.

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