2. Fill out your forms

If you want to ask for different terms of payment, you must fill out a Request to Clerk form and file it with the court. Small Claims Court forms are available at the courthouse and online.

At the top of the Request to Clerk form, enter the location of the Small Claims Court handling your claim and your claim number. This information can be found on the top of your other court forms.

Copy the names from the original court forms.  (You can’t change them.)

Your request begins with the text, “To the clerk of the [name of the Small Claims Court location] Small Claims Court: My name is [your name] and I request that the clerk of the court:” mark the checkbox labelled “schedule a terms of payment hearing because I dispute the ’s proposed terms of payment contained in the Defence (Form 9A) [R. 9.03(3)].”

If you filed your claim online, give the court printed copies of:

  • every document you filed online; and
  • every document the court sent to you online.
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