2. Amend your claim online

To change what you’re asking for online:

  1. Log into your ONe-key account.
  2. Go to My existing claims to find the online form for the claim you want to amend. Click Next steps. This will take you to Step 2 – Serve defendants.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and click Amend a Claim. From here, you can upload your amended claim.
  4. Print the Plaintiff’s Claim the court sent to you by email. At the top of the Plaintiff’s Claim, write “Amended”.
  5. Strike out anything you want to remove, with a single line.
  6. Underline anything you add to the claim. If there isn’t enough room for all your changes, you can add pages to your claim. But you must underline all of the text on any extra pages that you add.
  7. If you want to remove a co- or , strike out with a single line their names and addresses.
  8. To add an additional plaintiff or defendant, complete and attach Form 1A – Additional Parties and underline their names and addresses.
  9. Check that all of your changes have been noted. Scan your updated Plaintiff’s Claim and supporting documents. Upload:
    • Your amended Plaintiff’s Claim
    • Your Form 1A – Additional Parties (if there are multiple plaintiffs or defendants)
    • Any other documents needed to support your claim, even if you didn’t make any changes to them
  10. Carefully check everything that you have uploaded. If you’re sure you have not made any mistakes, click Update and then Submit.

Don’t delete the copies of the files you upload from your computer. The e-filing service saves text that you enter into the forms. It does not save copies of documents you attach.

And, keep all original documents you upload. You will have to give photocopies of these documents to the defendant and court. You may also be asked to show the originals at a hearing.

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