1. Write to the debtor

If you have an order from Small Claims Court that says the owes you money, talk to the debtor. The best way is to send a letter asking for the money they owe you. This is sometimes called a demand letter.

In your letter, include:

  • when you expect to be paid by
  • where they should send the payment
  • how they should make the payment
  • what you will do if they don’t pay

Payment deadline

Be reasonable with your deadline for payment. For example, if the debtor will mail the money, allow enough time for the money to be delivered.

If the debtor doesn’t have very much money or property, you can ask them to pay you back in instalments. This means they will pay you what you’re owed by giving you small payments over a period of time.

If you know the debtor can’t pay the debt right away, you can choose to wait. For example, you may choose to wait until an unemployed debtor gets a job. If you won your case, you will have the right to enforce your order whenever you choose.

Keep records

Keep careful records of any money you receive from the debtor. That way you will know when you’ve been paid in full.

If the debtor doesn’t give you the money or property by the deadline, you may want to think about in another way.

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