1. Decide if mediation is right for you

There are many reasons why people choose to try to resolve their case at the of Ontario (HRTO). And there are also reasons why some people don’t. Think about these reasons and then decide if you want to try mediation.

Some reasons you may want to try mediation are because it:

  • can be faster
  • can be cheaper
  • can be less stressful
  • is more private than going to a hearing
  • gives you control of the result

Some reasons you may prefer a hearing instead of mediation are because:

  • you prefer the final result to be public instead of private
  • you want a chance to tell your story completely and publicly

The HRTO application form asks if you’re interested in mediation. If you say no, the HRTO may encourage you to reconsider, especially if they think there’s a good chance for you and the Respondent to agree on how to resolve your issue. If you prefer a hearing, you don’t have to agree to mediation.

If you say yes to mediation, then the HRTO sets a date and time for your mediation.

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