4. Review all documents before you sign your BOC

It’s a good idea to get legal help to complete your Basis of Claim Form (BOC).

If you make your claim from inside Canada, you should also review your other application forms and supporting documents. Carefully compare the information with what you have written in your BOC. Make sure all the information is accurate and consistent before you sign and submit your BOC.

If you gave information that is not true on any of your forms or at your eligibility interview, or if there are differences with your identification or something in your immigration file, a lawyer or legal representative can help you explain this in your BOC. It’s better to give an explanation ahead of time than to wait for your refugee hearing.

If you completed your BOC on your own or if you made your refugee claim at a Port of Entry (POE), a lawyer or legal representative can still review it. Show your representative your copies of the forms you completed at your eligibility interview. You should also have a copy of the notes the officer made. If you don’t have copies, your representative should help you contact the POE to ask for the notes.

If you need to make any changes to a BOC you’ve already filed with the Refugee Board, it’s best to get legal help. All changes must be filed at least 10 days before your refugee hearing.

Your declaration

You must sign the last page of your BOC with a declaration that the information in your BOC is complete, true, and correct. The declaration is the same as swearing to tell the truth and giving a statement under oath. You’re making a promise that all the information in your BOC is true and that there is no important information missing.

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