3. Review your Basis of Claim form

It’s very important to review your Basis of Claim (BOC) Form before your hearing. If anything changes after you submit your BOC, or if you notice something that is incorrect, tell your lawyer or legal representative right away. You can make changes and add more information to your BOC after it is submitted.

Make the changes or additions on your copy of the BOC you submitted. Cross out the things you want to change and underline the things you want to add. If you have a lot of information to add, write everything on a separate page and underline it.

You must sign and date each page of the BOC that you changed. You must also sign and date a declaration that says that the BOC and the changes in it are true, complete, and correct.

If you used an interpreter to change your BOC, the interpreter must also sign and date a declaration that they interpreted the entire revised BOC and that you understood it.

Give the Refugee Board the signed pages from your copy of the original BOC as well as a copy of each page that has any changes or additions. Keep a copy of the changes for yourself.

You must send your updated BOC and any other documents to support your refugee claim no later than 10 days before your refugee hearing. You will need to provide a good explanation if you can’t meet this deadline.

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