Learn more about the GIS

The is an extra monthly amount for seniors who are:

  • living on a low , and
  • getting .

You don’t pay taxes on the GIS. But OAS is taxable income.

Who’s eligible

You may be able to get the GIS if all of the following are true:

  • you’re eligible for OAS
  • you live in Canada
  • your or the combined net income of you and your spouse or is below a certain amount 

A who was sponsored to Canada and is still under a usually can’t get the GIS. If you were sponsored, read more in the step called Find out how benefits can be affected if you’re a sponsored immigrant.

How to apply

If you started getting OAS without having to apply, you should automatically start getting the GIS if you’re eligible.

If you’re not yet getting OAS, you must apply in writing. Complete and mail in the Application for the Old Age Security Pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

If you’re getting OAS but not the GIS and want to apply for it, complete the Application for the Guaranteed Income Supplement.

How much you can get

How much you get from the GIS depends on:

  • your past year’s net income, or
  • the combined net income of you and your spouse or common-law partner.

To continue getting the GIS, you must file your income taxes every year so the government knows if you’re still eligible. It’s best to file by the April 30 deadline to avoid delays.

You can check the government’s tables to get a general idea of how much you can get from the GIS.

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