Learn about the rules for inheritances up to $10,000

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The Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) considers an to be a type of gift.

Rules about gifts

You can receive gifts that are worth up to $10,000 in any 12-month period without ODSP reducing the amount of you get.

What happens the month after you receive a gift

A gift, such as an inheritance, can affect your support the month after you get the gift. This is because, in the next month, ODSP considers any money you have left from that gift to be an asset.

ODSP looks at the total of your for each month. So when you add the amount left from a gift to the rest of your assets, you might have more than the maximum amount allowed by the ODSP rules.

Spending the money to protect your income support

There are ways to spend the money so that ODSP does not cut off or reduce your income support.

For example, ODSP should not cut off your income support if:

  • you spend the  money to buy assets that ODSP does not count, for example, your home and most household items, and
  • you buy these assets in the month that you get the money

Or, you may still qualify for income support if you use the money to pay for items or services related to your disability.

Before you buy an item or service, try to find out if ODSP agrees that it’s related to your disability or that you need it for health reasons. Talk to someone at ODSP or get legal advice.

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