Contact ODSP before you’re released

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has released their latest take on mandatory vaccines, passports and testing, here: In light of this update, and the new directives that the Province released a few weeks ago, we are in the process of updating our covid testing content. Please re-visit the site to access the updated content when it is available.

If you were getting assistance from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) when you went into custody, you can ask ODSP to start paying it again. You can ask them to start in the month that you’re released from custody.

ODSP can start paying you even if you had a medical review date that came up while you were in custody. They can give you a new medical review date after you’re released.

ODSP will reduce the amount you get for basic needs in the month you’re released, based on the number of days you’re in custody. But they can give you the full monthly amount for housing.

How to contact ODSP

If you can make phone calls while you’re in custody, you can call ODSP to tell them when you’ll be released.

If you need help to contact ODSP, someone who works in the place where you’re in custody may be able to do this. For example, there might be a discharge planner or a social worker who can help you.

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