5. Tell ODSP about money you make and life changes

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When you get , you must tell the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) about:

  • any money you make from a job or training program, or from being self-employed
  • any other money you get, such as Employment Insurance benefits
  • changes in your life, for example, if you start a job, or if family members move in or out of your household

How and when to report income and changes

ODSP sends you an Employment/Income Training Report form each month. 

This form asks for details, such as any you had from the first to the last day of a month. ODSP uses the information to figure out how much income support you get in the next month.

For example, your income from May 1 to May 31 is used to figure out how much income support you get at the end of June.

You must fill out the form every month and get it to your ODSP office by the 7th day of the month. If it’s late, you might not get your income support on time.

Send in the form each month even if you have no income to report.

If you can’t fill out the form

It’s difficult for some people to fill out the Employment/Income Training Report form. For example, they might not be able to do it because:

  • they have a disability
  • they have problems reading or writing
  • they have a hard time communicating in English or French

If you need to report your information in a different way, talk to your ODSP worker. For example, you might be able to report over the phone and then send pay stubs and receipts in the mail.

Keep your documents

ODSP can ask you for documents to prove:

  • that you qualify financially for income support
  • how much income support you should get

So keep any documents that show ODSP:

  • how much money you made, for example, pay stubs
  • what your expenses were, for example, child-care costs

You can send copies of these documents with your Employment/Income Training Report form. And be sure to do this if your ODSP caseworker asks you to.

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