5. Send your completed Appeal Form to the SBT

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has released their latest take on mandatory vaccines, passports and testing, here: http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/news_centre/ohrc-policy-statement-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-and-proof-vaccine-certificates. In light of this update, and the new directives that the Province released a few weeks ago, we are in the process of updating our covid testing content. Please re-visit the site to access the updated content when it is available.

Sending your Appeal Form to the (SBT) is called “filing” it.

You can do this by faxing or mailing it to the SBT.

You can also take it to the SBT office yourself or have someone else deliver it for you.

About 2 weeks after you file your Appeal Form, the SBT sends you a letter with a file number.

Keep track of the file number as you will need it whenever you contact the SBT about your appeal.

Getting a Notice of Hearing

The SBT sends a Notice of Hearing to you and the office that made the decision you’re appealing. This usually happens 4 to 8 weeks after they get your Appeal Form.

The Notice gives the time and date of the hearing with the SBT. This could be several months later.

If you need to change the date, ask the SBT as soon as possible. Write to the SBT and:

  • explain why you need to change the date
  • suggest new dates that are within 60 days of when your hearing is set to happen

There are detailed rules about how to ask the SBT to change the date. You might have to contact the or your local Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) office first, to ask if they agree.

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