5. Learn if you can appeal to the SBT

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Some decisions about from the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) can be appealed to the (SBT). 

But even if you can appeal to the SBT, you have to first ask for an . See Step 2.

Decisions you can appeal

You can appeal to the SBT if the decision is about:

You can also appeal other types of decisions that affect you, such as whether:

Decisions you cannot appeal

You cannot appeal to the SBT if the decision is about:

  • giving you a date for a medical review to check if you still qualify for income support as a “person with a disability”
  • getting “discretionary benefits”, such as paying for a funeral
  • making payments to someone else, for example, if ODSP decides to pay your rent directly to your landlord
  • refusing to give you extra time to ask for an internal review

If a decision cannot be appealed

Even if the law says that a decision can’t be appealed, you can still ask for an internal review.

Explain why you think the decision should be changed and include any information that supports your reasons.

If you were refused extra time to ask for an internal review, talk to a community legal clinic about other things you might be able to do.

If you’re not sure

If you’re not sure if you can appeal the decision, you can still start an appeal.

Talk to a community legal clinic if you want to appeal a decision but aren’t sure if you can.

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