4. Learn about how to get spousal support

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If you and your partner agree

Some people can agree about spousal support without talking to a lawyer.

But it’s still a good idea for:

  • one of them to get a lawyer to put the agreement in writing, and
  • the other person to get a different lawyer to check it.

That way each person can make sure that the agreement:

  • means what they want it to mean
  • protects their rights

If you and your partner don’t agree

If the two of you can’t agree about spousal support, you have 2 options. You can:

  • ask a family law professional to help you
  • go to court and ask a judge to decide

Family law professionals are people who are trained to work with both of you so you can avoid going to court. They can either help you make an agreement or make a decision for you. Sometimes this is called alternative dispute resolution.

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