3. Use the Automated Benefits Application, if this applies

There’s an easier way to apply for the Canada child benefit (CCB) if you’re the mother of a baby who:

  • is under one year old, and
  • was born in Canada.

You can use the Automated Benefits Application. But you must complete the application by the time the baby turns one year old.

How to use the Automated Benefits Application

When you register the birth of your baby, you must:

  • fill out and sign the birth registration form
  • agree that the Vital Statistics Agency can share your information with the , by signing the space for this on the birth registration form
  • give your (SIN)

And you and your spouse or must file your income tax returns.

If you apply this way, you can’t use the regular application later. And if you try to do that, your application can be delayed.

Signing up for direct deposit

Before your baby is born, you may want to sign up to let the Canada Revenue Agency make direct deposits to your bank account.

This is the quickest way to start getting your CCB payments after you apply.

Changes in your marital status

If your marital status has changed since you filed your last income tax return, you have to tell the Canada Revenue Agency.

They won’t find this out just because you note it on your baby’s birth registration form.

You can update your marital status by

  • using the My Account service on the Canada Revenue Agency website
  • sending a letter to your local tax centre
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