3. Try to get documents to prove your immigration status

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When you apply for financial assistance, Ontario Works (OW) can ask you for information and documents to prove that you qualify.

OW may ask you to prove what your immigration status is.

Documents to prove status

Here are some examples of documents from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that show a person’s status in Canada:

  • Canadian passport or Certificate of Citizenship
  • Permanent Resident Card or Record of Landing
  • Temporary Resident Visa, also called a visitor visa, that has expired
  • letter from IRCC that says they’re processing your application for permanent residence

Other documents that may show your status in Canada include:

  • a from the Immigration and Refugee Board
  • a letter from your immigration lawyer saying what’s happening with your immigration or refugee process

If you made a refugee claim

Here are some examples of documents you may be able to use if you’ve made a refugee claim:

  • IRCC Scheduling Form
  • Entry for Further Examination or Admissibility Hearing Form
  • Acknowledgement of Conditions Form
  • Refugee Protection Claimant Document
  • a Notice of Decision from the Immigration and Refugee Board

Other documents

You might have documents that show that you made an application to IRCC, for example, an application for permanent residence. These documents could include a receipt from IRCC showing you paid the application fee or proof from Canada Post that you sent your application by registered mail. Or you might have a letter from your immigration lawyer saying what’s happening with your immigration or refugee process.

If OW asks for documents you don’t have

You might be waiting for a document that shows your status.

For example, if you applied for status for humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) reasons, you might be waiting for a letter from IRCC about your application.

OW should not refuse to give you assistance because you don’t have documents that you can’t get for reasons that are out of your control.

Getting help

Get help from a community legal clinic if OW:

They may be able to help you show OW that you qualify for financial assistance.

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