3. Make an appointment to complete the application

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has released their latest take on mandatory vaccines, passports and testing, here: http://www.ohrc.on.ca/en/news_centre/ohrc-policy-statement-covid-19-vaccine-mandates-and-proof-vaccine-certificates. In light of this update, and the new directives that the Province released a few weeks ago, we are in the process of updating our covid testing content. Please re-visit the site to access the updated content when it is available.

If you call Ontario Works (OW) to apply, they will:

  • ask you some questions on the phone, and
  • give you an appointment time to come in to the OW office to complete your application.

If you apply online, the information you enter goes to your local OW office. Within 3 business days, a worker from that office is supposed to phone you to set up an appointment to complete the application.

If you apply online but don’t have a phone number, call your local OW office to make the appointment.

What happens at the appointment

At the appointment, an OW worker asks you questions and asks for information to show that you qualify for assistance.

Make sure to bring all the documents that you’ll need.

Changing the meeting place

The interview is usually at the local OW office.

If getting to the local OW office is hard for you, ask to have the interview at your home or somewhere that’s better for you.

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