3. Know the rules for child support owed before Feb 1, 2017

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The rule that says payments don’t affect your from Ontario Works (OW) started February 1, 2017. 

But the rule only applies to child support payments that are owed for periods of time that start on February 1, 2017, or after that date.

Child support owed before the new rule

For child support that’s owed before February 1, 2017, the rule is different.

If you were getting financial assistance for the period of time that the child support payment is for, you have to pay OW back.

And you have to do this even if you get the support payment after February 1, 2017.

What you have to pay back

The general rule is that you have to pay back the same amount that you got as a support payment. But you don’t have to pay OW more than the amount of assistance you got.

If OW says that you have to pay back assistance and you don’t agree, you may want to contact a community legal clinic.

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