2. Ask a health professional to complete the application form

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A health professional has to fill out the special diet allowance application form.

The health professional has to be approved to practise in Ontario as one of the following:

  • a family doctor or a specialist
  • a dietitian
  • a nurse practitioner
  • a midwife, if the special diet is for a baby less than a year old because breastfeeding isn’t possible

Medical conditions

The application form has a list of all of the medical conditions that qualify for a special diet allowance

If a medical condition is not on the list, you can’t get an allowance for it.

And for each medical condition on the list, there’s a maximum amount of money that the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) will give you.

The most you can get for a special diet allowance is $250 a month. This could be for one or more than one condition.

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