1. Make a Participation Agreement

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You can’t get from Ontario Works (OW) unless you sign a Participation Agreement. It’s one of the forms you have to sign to complete your application for assistance.

Who has to sign an Agreement

If your spouse lives with you, they also have to sign an Agreement.

And other adult family members who live with you may also have to sign Agreements.

What you’re agreeing to

When you sign the Agreement, you agree to do what OW calls “employment assistance activities”.

These activities are meant to help you get ready for work and find a job as soon as possible. The activities are listed in your Agreement.

You and an OW worker are supposed to develop the Agreement together.

Reviewing the Agreement

Within 30 days of when you apply for assistance, an OW worker reviews your Agreement with you.

After that, an OW worker reviews your Agreement with you at least once every 6 months.

Making sure you understand the Agreement

When you meet with OW, you have the right to bring someone with you for support.

For example, you could bring a family member, a friend, or someone from a community group or agency.

You have to sign the Agreement and say that you’ll do what’s in it. So if you need help with reading, you may want to bring someone who can help you with that.

And if you need an interpreter who speaks your language, tell the OW office. But you may need to bring your own interpreter.

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