1. Learn how ODSP decides if you’re still a couple

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To consider you separated, the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) has to believe that you and your spouse:

  • don’t live together, and
  • don’t plan to get back together.

But they might say that the two of you are still a couple because of the reason you’re not living together. For example:

  • Your spouse is away at school or looking for work somewhere else.
  • Your spouse is in another country waiting for a visa to come to Canada.
  • There are problems with your relationship, but there’s still a chance you might get back together.

Proving that you’re separated

You may have to prove to ODSP that you’ve separated. For example, you might have:

  • a separation agreement
  • a court order or papers showing that you’re going to court
  • bank or other financial showing that you keep your money separate

Living at the same address

If you’re still living at the same address as your former partner, you’ll need to explain to ODSP why this is. For example, you might share housing because you’re not able to afford the cost of living on your own.

Getting help because of your disability

Even if you’ve separated, your former partner may be helping you with things that are hard for you to do because of your disability.

For example, your former partner might help you with your banking or you might continue to live at the same address so they can help you at home.

In these cases, it can be hard to prove to ODSP that you’re living as a single person.

You may need to get legal advice to help you know what to do.

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